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The 1954 Belfast Revival

Revival in Northern Ireland

Kings Hall, Belfast 1954 Revival

Rev. James White

There are many revivals down through church history that have never been recorded. I believe that a number of these revivals have carried the same marks as that in the Book of Acts, but sad to say their written record has been lost to us in this present  hour.

From a child I grew up hearing about a Pentecostal Revival in the city of Belfast, Northern Ireland. The preacher used in it a man called James White. I have talked with preachers and believers who were eye witnesses of these meetings. My own Father and Mother were witnesses of the after affects of this outpouring of the Holy Spirit over into the 1960's. It has always amazed me that there is no written record of it even in booklet form.

At present I am in the process of gathering information on it. All reports both in sympathy and in opposition would be greatly recieved. I list below information that would help in me compiling a booklet on this revival.

  • Information on the Rev. James White who was born in Donegal, then moved to America. After a boxing career he entered full time ministry with the American Assemblies of God. I would like to contact family members and friends in America who can confirm these details as well as shedding light on his life, ministry and latter years.
  • Any audio tapes of James White preaching.
  • Any photographs of James White.
  • Any old copies of newspaper reports in reference to the Kings Hall Belfast 1954 Revival meetings in Belfast.
  • Personal testimonies of those, saved, healed, delivered, baptised in the Holy Spirit, called to ministry etc. under his ministry.
  • Names, dates, facts, of meetings in Ballymena and Belfast during 54.

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