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What Is Revival?

by Keith Malcomson

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Will There be Another Revival?

By Keith Malcomson

Seven short blogs written by Keith Malcomnson on this vital question. In order to pray, believingly, with faith and expectation, we must be sure that revival is a biblical doctrine and that there is a sound basis for believing that the Lord is not only willing to send another revival but will send another revival.

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Evangelicalism & Revival

If we follow the pathway of true Evangelical doctrine where foundational truths were held to and preached we find the path is heavily marked by Divine Visitations of the Lord from Heaven. All the various ism's cannot claim such. A departure from sound doctrine and an Evangelical Gospel is a departure from genuine Heaven Sent Revival. All Evangelicalism needs in this hour to make it a spirituial and powerful force in the earth is a fresh outpouring of the Holy Ghost.

This army of preacher's came from different nations and regions. They came from different family backgrounds and were of different ages and social standing. They were not trained in a college but commissioned from Heaven with unction. They differed in theological points of doctrine on issues like church government, communion, style of preaching, and even on Calvinism and Arminianism. But what bound them together was the truths of the Evangelical Gospel.

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1859 Revival Anniversary Website

This new website will trace the years sorrounding the great 59 Revival starting with 1857 through to 1862.

  • America, Ulster, Wales, Scotland & England.
  • From 1857-62
  • The Preachers God used.
  • Books written on the History of these Revivals.



The Ulster 1859 Revival

by Keith Malcomson

Revival historian, Edwin Orr, noted that the Revival of 1859 made a greater impact on Ireland than any event since Patrick brought Christianity there. Through the work of God in the hearts of four new converts who were moved to seek God in prayer, 100,000 souls came to Christ in one year. This is the extraordinary story of this stirring, reviving and outpouring of the Spirit of God that came to be known as “The 1859 Ulster Revival”.

Before this Revival, there was little to encourage genuine believers. They had prayed and laboured hard for many years with little result or change to the spiritual condition. Many ministers were discouraged with a seemingly fruitless ministry.

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Revival Quotes

“Revival is not some emotion or worked-up excitement; it is rather an invasion from heaven which brings to man a conscious awareness of God...Revival is that strange and sovereign work of God in which He visits His own people—restoring, reanimating, and releasing them into the fullness of His blessing...Revival is ultimately Christ Himself, seen, felt, heard, living, active, moving in and through His body on earth.” – Stephen Olford

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What is Revival

by Martyn-Lloyd Jones

We can define it as a period of unusual blessing and activity in the life of the Christian Church. Revival means awakening, stimulating the life, bringing it to the surface again. It happens primarily in the Church of God, and amongst believing people, and it is only secondly something that affects those that are outside also. Now this is a most important point, because this definition helps us to differentiate, once and for all, between a revival and an evangelistic campaign. An evangelistic campaign is the Church deciding to do something with respect to those who are outside. A revival is not the Church deciding to do something and doing it. It is something that is done to the Church, something that happens to the Church. So then, what is it that happens? The best way of answering that question is to say that it is in a sense a repetition of the day of Pentecost.

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  The Puritans and Revival Christianity

by Iain Murray

"...they understood at once that all the successes of the Reformation were repeatable — as repeatable as the victories of the apostolic age — for Scripture places no limitation upon the Spirit's work of glorifying Christ and extending His kingdom. Thus there was recovered at the time of the Reformation belief in what may be called revival Christianity, and the attention which the Puritans who followed gave to this area of truth profoundly influenced the following centuries and gave to the English-speaking world what may be called the classic school of Protestant belief in revival."

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Signs of True Revival

by Jonathan Edwards

I intend to show how we may definitely conclude that God is at work. I want to show the signs which Scripture says are clear evidence that God is at work. We will then be able to use these signs to judge any work without fear of being misled. I propose to look only at those signs given in 1 John 4. That is because this chapter deals with this question plainly and more completely than any other part of the Bible. So let us look at the signs in the order they are given in the chapter.

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Bible Revivals

by Keith Malcomson

We will deal with the History of Revivals in the Old and New Testaments as recorded by holy men of God inspired by the Holy Spirit. It was according to the good pleasure and will of God to record in detail the various histories of the times, conditions, men and fruit pertaining to outpourings of the Spirit in which God's people revived and performed a great work for the Lord. Talking and writing about, as well as preaching and praying for revival is no man-made thing. It has its foundation, example and thought in the inspired Word of God.

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The Story of God's Mighty Acts

by C.H. Spurgeon

Now, my dear friends, this morning I intend to recall to your minds some of the wondrous things which God has done in the olden time. My aim and object will be to excite your minds to seek after the like; that looking back upon what God has done, you may be induced to look forward with the eye of expectation, hoping that he will again stretch forth his potent hand and his holy arm, and repeat those mighty acts he performed in ancient days.

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A Plantation Revival

by Keith Malcomson

Once the plantation began a great many came from Scotland and settled in the north and east of the Irish province of Ulster. A lesser number came from England and settled in the west and south of the province. One minister said these were mostly “the scum of both nations” many were fleeing debt and legal justice. There was little fear of God in them or in those that already inhabited the land. “Iniquity abounded, contention, fighting, murder, thieving, adultery etc.” In the years following this initial plantation the people seemed to flock in from Scotland to inhabit the land. Yet God followed them when they fled from Him. Amongst them were some of the godliest ministers of the Church of Scotland who came seeking to labour for eternal souls and for a pure church.

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Evan Roberts & The Welsh Revival

by Keith Malcomson

Though only 26 years old, Evan Roberts had no time for youthful entertainment and pleasure. "Day and night without ceasing, he prayed, wept and sighed for a great spiritual awakening..." Roberts writes, "...for ten or eleven years I have prayed for revival. I could sit up all night to read or talk about revivals." Eventually Evan Roberts was turned out of his lodging by his landlady who thought that in his enthusiasm he was possessed or somewhat mad. "He spent hours praying and preaching in his room until the lady became afraid of him, and asked him to leave." May God give us some more spiritual madness and enthusiasm like this.

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Latter-Day Revival in Israel

by Keith Malcomson

There will undoubtedly be an end-day revival in Israel. Both Old Testament and New Testament confirm this. We know that the Old Testament Prophets warned of Israel being scattered across the nations because of their sin. We also know that they foretold of Israel’s regathering back to their land, and their birth as a new nation in one day. All of these things came to pass as the Lord spoke through his prophets. But why has the Lord regathered this scattered people back to the land of Israel? Again Scripture gives the answer. It is in order to prepare them for one last outpouring of the Holy Spirit. This will be the final revival of the type which began on the Day of Pentecost. The era of Holy Ghost outpourings only began at Pentecost and will only end with this last Revival at the end of the age before the coming of the Lord to the earth.

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