Heaven Sent Revival



A Meeting With Pope Francis

By Keith Malcomson

WHAT IS HAPPENING? The Leaders of the Prosperity Gospel, the Toronto Blessing (and manifestational revivals) and compromised Evangelicalism join hands with ROME!

Over the past four months of this year a very strange set of events have taken place in the Evangelical and Pentecostal world. First, Ulf Ekman, of Sweden who was founder of a national and European Charismatic Bible School resigned and became a Catholic. Just after this the Pope sent a video message of greetings to Kenneth Copeland's prosperity preacher’s convention in the US and they returned greetings by video. Then Walid Shoebat, a converted Palestinian terrorist, who for some years rose to fame in Baptist and Evangelical circles in America and Internationally, and who has progressively, carefully and slowly presented a different End-Days perspective on Revelation 17 - he teaches that it is Islam - has now come out publically this year rejecting Evangelicalism and Bible Christianity for Romanism. Since the beginning of this year he has published militant pro-Romanist articles justifying the Crusades as well as the use of Icon's in worship. Within the Past weeks we have Joel Osteen of the US and Nicky Gumbel of the UK (Alpha Course) paying personal visits to Francis.

Now to top it off we have a meeting just last week at Pope Francis’ personal accommodation at the Vatican which surpasses them all. For three hours Kenneth Copeland, John and Carol Arnott (of Toronto Blessing fame), James Robison (American Baptist Television evangelist), Brian C Stiller and Geoff Tunnicliffe (who both head up the World Evangelical Alliance, supposedly representing 600 million Christians), and last but not least Thomas Schirrmacher (a European scholar and leader), all met together to discuss the so-called fulfilment of Christ's prayer in John 17 and to discuss what it means to receive personal salvation. But more than that: they presented the Pope with the intention of soon signing a joint declaration together. The sum total of this meeting is that they would like TO CELEBRATE 2017 WITH AN ACT OF RECONCILIATION.

Friends, may I remind you that 2017 is the 500th anniversary of Luther nailing his thesis to the door at Wittenberg and the beginning of the Reformation. The Jesuits were raised up with one purpose: the destruction and end of the influence of the Reformation. Already Francis has been filling the diary for 2017. It will be the 60 anniversary of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal which will take place in Rome. Francis has been invited by the Lutheran church of Germany to be their guest in the same year. It will also be the 100th anniversary of the apparitions of Mary at Fatima – and much more. I would caution all genuine believers to truly understand what happened at the Reformation and in the Reformation. If you are prejudiced against it then you have been brain-washed over recent decades. Some think that Luther and Calvin were the sum total of the Reformation but that is not so. It was a glorious revival. It was an outpouring of the Spirit. It was a return to the Bible. Read the histories of William Tyndale, John Knox, the martyrs, Bible-translators, preachers, prophets and teachers, and you will begin to see that from this wonderful return the church experienced 400 years of genuine outpourings of the Spirit. Those who have led the revival and missionary endeavours of recent centuries all acknowledged the work of God at the Reformation. Jesuitism has worked over time to blacken the memory of the Reformation and you had better ask why. It’s worth noting that ALL the founders of the evangelical denominations that arose after the reformation considered Rome to be the exact and only fulfilment of Revelation 17. Bishop Tony Palmer, who once worked for Kenneth Copeland but now works for a Catholic unity organisation in Italy is the person who has been used by the Pope to instigate this recent get together. At Copeland's prosperity campmeeting Palmer proclaimed that the Reformation is over. Protestantism is no more. We all believe the same. He also went public shortly awterwards in calling any decent in this Romeward march to be racism against Catholics. Shoebat also jumped on the band wagon and made the same accusation. It looks like all the churches are being hearded back into Mother church like naughty school children!

As well as healing the breach with so-called Protestants Francis is also working hard to reunite with the Eastern Orthodox Church and just one month ago began plans for Nicaea III to hold a great ecumenical gathering of the church in remembrance of the early ecumenical council held in 325 under Constantine. I wonder which political Emperor will oversee it in 2025? Well all this is very timely. I have been slowly writing my latest book over the past year called The Scarlet Woman which is a simple Biblical exposition of Revelation 17 as it applies to Rome. I have more-a-less finished the first 5 chapters and partially written another three. Once I get this next busy period over I will start on the next chapter on the Mother of Harlots – revealing its ecumenical Romanising work of the churches. Francis has just given me the crowning material for this chapter over recent months.

While Evangelical and charismatic leaders are rejoicing that this is the pathway to answering Christ’s prayer for unity and others are prophesying a coming second Pentecost which will begin at Rome, Francis is also dialoguing and uniting with other world religions including Islam. He is not only uniting and breaking down walls of partition with evangelicals but he is also uniting with every foul religion and system upon the face of the earth. While all this is going on Rome has never once moved from her dogmatic exaltation of Mary as the Mother of God, Queen of Heaven, Co-Redemptrix, Advocate and Mediator. In fact since Vatican II the place of Mary in Catholic doctrine and in the lives and devotion of the Pope's has only grown stronger. While Evangelical's compromise for unity Rome is getting into Mary worship deeper than ever. Many are being deceived that this unity march is the pathway to an international revival but instead are being led into international apostasy as prophesied by Christ and the apostles. The Bible teaches us that the Lord will NEVER send His latter rain upon a harlot! But friends I believe this is a wonderful hour and a time for the true church, the bride of Christ, to experience a real Holy Ghost revival, one last move of God in order to bring in a last harvest of souls. Praise God.


Heaven Sent Revival